Peter Jansen's

7 No Fear

the way of
world leaders.

1. From perception to Observation; the end of fear.
2. Personality and Relationships.
3. Human Emotions and how to meet your needs.
4. The power of Empathy.
5. Create Influence in yourself and others.
6. Control your systems.
7. Vision and learning to see more, and see more before anyone else.

"Whether you are a top manager, a CEO, an entrepreneur, diplomat, elected official or a world leader, the 7 No Fear system will disengage your fear through the development of your emotional intelligence and leadership skills to allow you to express your maximum potential. Activate the fearless genius in you!"


7-No-Fear Seminars and Workshops

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Some Real Experiences!

  • Peter is an outstanding, humorous individual with a passion for leadership, coaching, sustainable social change and people

    Dr. Natalia Wiechowski
  • Peter has the creativity to knock down all barriers to any market. No matter what the problem, he has the solution. He'll pick you up when you're down and put you back on top. Put this guy at the front of the team and he'll get you where you want to go

    Alex Dollery

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