7 No Fear

What's 7-No-Fear?

Your life today is a collection of the results derived from your choices. This is how it works:
Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your character, and your character becomes your destiny. Your choice is at the very beginning of this process, in your thoughts. Learn to manage those, and you will learn to control your destiny.

80% of your choices are emotionally driven, yet society and our educational systems drive learning through logic and technical skill, which accounts for only 20% of our choices.

Leadership and its limitations are set by emotional intelligence and the awareness of self, others, and the situation. The activation of fear is responsible for our emotional limitations and our limiting beliefs.

We will guide you through the process of through the systematic understanding, control and elimination of fear, as well as through the more profound understanding of yourself, others and of situations from a more objective perspective.

How it works: The 7 No Fear System is a Personal Leadership Empowerment system. We offer a series of seminars, workshops, Genius Inspire sessions, an annual retreat, and a very exclusive Trans Siberian Train experience.
Through these, we help you become highly Emotionally Intelligent, as well as 10X your leadership power no matter at what level you are at now. Each one is designed to control, manage, change, and even eliminate fear.

The system is modular, each module is designed to work alone and drive results individually. However, the more modules you engage in, the more your results will compound.
How far do you want to take this?

Seminars: Our seminars last 3 hours each. Through these 7 different seminars, you will acquire the information and the knowledge you need to:
1. Take you from perception to observation; the end of fear.
2. Understanding your own personality, that of others, and interpersonal relationships.
3. Understand human emotions and how to meet your emotional needs.
4. Use the power of Empathy.
5. Create Influence in yourself and others.
6. Control your biological systems.
7. Create and develop a vision and learn to see more and see more before anyone else.

Workshops: Our workshops are intensive and last 8 great hours. In this time, we will take you into the practical exploration and mastering of all the knowledge you acquire in the seminars through teamwork and direct interaction with Coach Peter Jansen. These workshops are where most of your results will materialize.

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